Ontario’s New Sex-Education Curriculum- A Step in the Right Direction

Kathleen Wynne – Ontario’s 25th Premier, and the first woman to serve in that role. Image Source: The Forum Poll

Ontario’s revamped sex-education curriculum is quickly shaping up to being one of the most discussed topics of the past few months leading up to its initiation date of September 2015. This new curriculum has been quite a conversation starter, as the Premier of the province of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, refused to back down even after protests by parents against the proposed lesson plans. This is the first major revision to the curriculum since 1998—possibly the must up-to-date in all of Canada—and it has been described as taking quite a liberal and a revolutionary perspective on educating children about gender, sex, and health.

The new curriculum is an immense change to the out-dated one kids have been learning for more than a decade, and has been altered to suit the modernity of current and future generations. Most notable in this new plan is the emphasis on accepting and understanding the ideas of gender identity, sexual orientation, and consent.

Read the full article on Affairs Today here.


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