Diversity of Mind Not Colour

Copyright belongs to Suchita Chadha
Copyright belongs to Suchita Chadha

Diversity, we know, is a great thing. In the last decade, in theory, it has been thing to strive for among learning institutions and workplaces across North America, as well as in other parts of the world where immigration and the resulting multiculturalism is on a rise. However, the truth of the matter is that “in the last decade, we have seen a major retrenchment of the principles of multiculturalism, in both education and wider public policy… a rapidly growing standards and testing movement has replaced earlier attention to racial and ethnic diversity” (May and Sleeter). While we strive for multiculturalism in our environments, it has come to be solely about the numbers: how many people of every race, gender, etc. are represented in the statistics of a company or school, used as a marketing feature, nothing more. True diversity, or what May and Sleeter refer to as “critical multiculturalism,” is more about reaching a common ground between cultures of all kinds at all levels, without discounting the struggles and hardships faced by the other.

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