BPW Annual Meeting – 2013


During the weekend of May 31- June 2, 2013, approximately 75 business women met at the Delta Meadowvale hotel for the BPW Ontario  67th Provincial Conference hosted for the first time by the Mississauga club.

Business and Professional Women (BPW) is an organisation that works to improve economic, political, social, and employment conditions for working women both locally and internationally, with clubs all over the world, including 19 here in Ontario, Canada. The BPW Mississauga club, which formed in September of 2011, had the opportunity to host the annual conference and delivered an inspiring and enjoyable weekend.

The chief guest and keynote speaker for the Saturday night gala was the Chief of Peel Police, Jennifer Evans, who was accompanied by Inspector Ingrid Berkeley Brown. Chief Evans not only spoke of her own career and the way she worked her way up to where she is now, but also of the way women should feel about themselves with respects to their career and workplace. Her motivating words on hard work and determination were an inspiration for all.

The majority of Saturday and Sunday was spent discussing resolutions prepared by various clubs and covered topics from increasing the number of women of corporate boards, to facilitating education for single mothers. In addition, a formal commendation was issued to the Ontario government for their implementation of all-day kindergarten that consequently had significant benefits for single mothers living in poverty.

Amidst the discussions that took place, there was also some entertainment for all the women. The conference was kicked off with a Rod Stewart impersonator at the Friday night social while a Zumba instructor came in during a break on Saturday afternoon. There was also a workshop conducted by the Young BPW groups, for women 35 and younger, that explored the commonalities and differences between all the women.

Currently with thirteen members, the BPW Mississauga club is under the direction of president, Asha Singh. Covering a gamut of jobs from real estate to culinary arts, the women meet monthly to discuss women empowerment. In the past year, they supported the organization Walk With Me, a foundation that works to provide support and aid to human trafficking victims.

Despite being such a new group, BPW Mississauga pulled together a conference that garnered high praise from all the attendees.

For more information on BPW, please visit:

BPW Mississauga
BPW Ontario
BPW Canada
BPW International


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